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Pierre Yves Jan Malpelo with MV Yemaya August 2014

Dear Arthur,

That was a great trip! 17 divers, 8 crews and 15 different nationalities, I love that!

We saw Whale Sharks during more than half of the dives! Some times, they even came to see us during our safety stop! I have been diving everywhere in the World, but I never saw that before.

The Yemaya is average, I have seen better boats, but the crew is very efficient and friendly. The Peruvian cook was just excellent! Diving in Malpelo is nothing but easy, but thanks to the professionalism of the dive master (Jaime) and the skiff crew, I always felt very safe. Now, I have to decide what’s going to be my next destination.

I will certainly contact you in the near future for a trip to Columbia.

Kind regards.


+57 3105991163 - +57 3045560786