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Liveaboard diving

Enjoy a virtual trip to the best dive sites in the Caribbean and the American Eastern Pacific. To each dive destination you can choose between selected dive boats and resorts.
Please also see the videos and pictures both in the information area and in the specific media section.

The dive destination information, dive boats / dive resorts and media sections are each marked with a specific icon.

We are also happy to organise add on trips before or after your dive holiday.

Cocos island Liveaboard diving

Cocos island is located far out in the in the Costa Rican Pacific Ocean and not only well-known among the worldwide diving community but also among the lovers of the film "Jurassic Park" because of the impressive waterfall intro-scene. Cocos and the surrounding pinnacles offer world class diving featuring various sharks species, pelagic fish life and swarms. Well known is the night dive, a spectacle of countless hunting white tip reef sharks.

Socorro Islands Liveaboard diving

Finally the Revillegagedo Archipelago, also called Socorro Islands, has earned its deserved status as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage. The islands of Socorro, Clarion, Roca Partida and San Benedicto are a melting pot for numerous pelagic fish species and impressive fish schools. Several shark species, giant mantas and marine mammals such as dolphins and humpback whales make the Socorro Islands to one of the most popular diving destinations in the East Pacific.

Galapagos islands Liveaboard diving

The Galapagos Islands are a natural paradise in the Ecuadorian Pacific consisting of 13 volcanic islands and 100 islets. Experienced divers will encounter magnificant underwater highlights during action-packed  dives featuring sharks, pelagic fishes, sea lions and marine iguanas. The land excursions offer a variety of endemic animal species that inspired the evolution theory of Robert Charles Darwin.

Gorgona island Liveaboard Diving

The National park Gorgona island is a tropical pearl out in the colombian pacific ocean. Few liveaboard operators offer weekend diving trips leaving from the por city Buenaventura. This colombian diving hot spots features whale sharks, giant mantas, whitetip reef sharks and tropical groupers. During season many humpback whales gather around the Gorgona island.

Malpelo island Liveaboard diving

Malpelo has touched our heart forever. We know this extraordinary and unique diving spot very well and can claim that Malpelo offers some the best shark diving on our planet. Let us hope that the Colombian government is intensifying the efforts to ensure that this open ocean mountain will continue be a home for large scalloped hammerhead and silk shark populations.

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