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Guadalupe Island - Diving with great white sharks


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Guadalupe island mexican pacific

Guadalupe island is a vulcanic island located in the Mexican Pacific wich is ascending from a depth as deep as 11,500 feet / 3500 meters. The highest point is Mount Augusta with an altitude of 4,250 feet / 1,297 meters.

Other small rock formations are rising from the surrounding sea. Guadalupe has a length of 25 miles / 41 km from north to south and is up to 6 miles / 10 km wide and is located 252 miles / 407 km South South West of San Diego, California - United States and 161 miles / 260 km from the coast of Baja California - Mexico. The only inhabited settlement on the island is Campo Oeste (West Camp) with 15 houses.

In the year 2005 Guadalupe has been declared Biosphere Reserve by the Mexican government. The island is known for the large colonies of northern elephant seals, the endemic Guadalupe fur seals and California sea lions. The island itself is inhabited by several endemic birds species, like Rock Wren, Guadalupe House finch and Guadalupe Junco, wich are unfortunately endangered by extinction.

For divers Guadalupe offers a very special attraction. The surrounding waters are among the world's top destination for encounters with great white sharks.

After 18 month of pregnancy, between April and August, the female white migrate from the open ocean, particulary from Hawai to the coast of Baja California in the mexican pacific and give birth to their pupps. During this time they are exposed to great risks by the local fishing industry. Afterwards they migrate to Guadalupe Island to feed and to mate. A number of 90 great white sharks (+/-) appear annually around Guadalupe island.

Guadalupe outperforms both, South Africa and Australia in regularity of great white shark sightings. Underwater visibility may reach up to 124 to 147 feet, wich is another fantastic advantage of shark cage diving around the island.

It is important to be aware that a lot of patience is required. Do not expect that the white sharks will be circling around the cage like delivered on a plate. Hours are spent in order to succeed, but the result is worth it! Getting into close eye contact with a white shark, a special and unique emotion for any shark enthusiasts!.

Various dive boats operate the island Guadalupe, all of them depart from Ensenada harbour on the mexican pacific coast. Please check out or liveaboard vessels Nautilus Explorer, Nautilus Belle Amie, Nautilus Undersea and Solmar V.

The trip to and from Guadalupe takes around 20 hours per itinerary.



Great white shark in GuadalupeCage diving with great white sharks in Guadalupe

The different dive boats offer observations of white sharks in various types of submersible cages. To dive in Guadalupe with great white sharks is not necessarly specific experience or dive certification required as long you are satisfied with the surface cages. The deep cages allow to be naturally in touch with this marvelous animals, without feeding, but  its required to hold a dive certification. The air is supplied externally with hoses, a regulator with scuba tank is part of the safety equipment inside the cages.

Divers in dive cages are accompanied by an instructor and shark expert. The cage diving time intervals vary depending on the dive boat, please consult our specific boat information about Solmar V Nautilus Explorer ,Nautilus Undersea and Nautilus Belle Amie Guadalupe Liveaboards.

The view out in the blue water, great visibility and suddenly approaches the elegant King of Fish, swimming slowely and curious along the cage, face to face with a great white shark. Surely a unique experience that you will never forget!



Map dive site Guadalupe island Mexico




The best time to dive with great white sharks is in the months of August, September and October, the dive boats operate Guadalupe island between July and November. In November special combi travel Guadalupe and Socorro islands can be booked.

Some Guadalupe Liveaboard trips combine with the 3 vulcanic islands San Benito in Baja California. The ocean around the islands offers an untouched underwater world and a huge kelp forest ecosystem. The perfect place to be protected for Sea lions and Sea elefants.

The top cold water dive spot in US are the kelp forests of the California Channel islands. Some diving trips include this destination into the Guadalupe white shark diving trip.



For the Guadalupe trips, the water temp averages 65F-70F/21 degree celsius. We recommend to bring gloves, hood and booties plus either a drysuit or a very good 7mm. Guests rotate in and out of the shark cages every hour.



In addition to the wetsuits you should bring personal toiletries, camera and video equipment, shorts, T-shirts, sandals, sweater and rain protection. Seasickness tablets should not be forgotten, the Pacific is a rough and unpredictable ocean.

To enter in US or Mexico you must have a at least 6 months valid passport and 2 free pages. Visa requirements for United States and Mexico can change and should be requested at the Mexican Embassy.

Not allowed during diving activities at Guadalupe island are gloves and knife


The dive boats Nautilus Explorer, Nautilus Belle Amie and Solmar V   leave from Ensenada located on the Mexican Pacific coast. The guests travel to Ensenada either from San Diego, California - United States, the transfer takes 2 hours each way or from Tijuana - Mexico with an approximately 1 and a half hour transfer per itinerary.

The meeting point is usually in San Diego, California on the day of departure.

Find more detailed information on every dive boat description for Guadalupe.


Booking enquiry for cage diving cruises to Guadalupe island








Guadalupe Island - Diving with great white sharks



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