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Bat Islands - Pacific

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The Costa Rican Pacific has much to offer. National parks like Manuel Antonio with lush rainforests, world-class beaches, volcanoes and an abundant flora and fauna.

The diving areas of the Costa Rican Pacific ocean are full of life featuring large pelagics, sharks, some interesting macro and many types of schooling tropical fish. Experienced divers may enjoy world class scuba diving either by liveaboard cruise or day trips from the diving resort.

Probably one of the best coastal dive sites are the Islas Murcielagos (Bat Islands). The archipelago is located at the extreme western tip of Santa Rosa National Park, not far from the mainland of Costa Rica.

Spectacular panoramic view of the Bat Islands in Costa Rica

The Islas Murcielagos are located 45 km boat ride from Playa de Coco, also called Coco Beach, a beachfront community located in a beautiful bay in the province of Guanacaste.

Since it is a protected area, all islands are uninhabited. There is however a national park station which is open to visitors. A nearby hill is the ideal place to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the islands and the mainland. A great spot to take fantastic pictures.

National park building and beach on the Bat islandsPlaya de Coco also called Coco beach Guanacaste Province Costa Rica


The ragged Bat Islands offer typical rough east Pacific diving conditions. Strong currents and swells can be expected and the dives usually take place at a depth range between 82 and 108 feet. Local diving schools require at least advanced diver certificate and drift dive experience.

Scuba divers will be rewarded with a rich underwater fauna ranging from seahorses, octupus, frog fish, big schools of jacks and snappers to sharks, manta rays, Pacific swordfish and tunas.

The best time to dive and visit the Bat Islands is from May to September, when divers get the best chances to have close up encounters with bull sharks and giant manta rays.

During our day diving trip to the Bat Islands in July 2016 we met Orcas, Bottlenose dolphins, Spinner dolphins and Pacific sailfish on the surface. These are clear indicators of a healthy underwater world.

The only regions worldwide where humbpack whales as well from the Arctic as from the Antarctica gather for mating and calving are the Costa Rican and Panamerican Pacific. Antarctica whale populations migrate from June to October and Arctic populations from December to March into the area. This makes the region to an almost year round whale watching destination.

More information about the local dives, dive packages with accommodation and Liveaboard trips can be found in our Liveaboard diving and resort diving section.

Green Turtles at the Islas Murcielagos - Bat islandsClose up encounters with giant Manta rays at the islas murcielago (Bat islands)


Sonnenuntergang in Playa de Coco Costa Rica

The easiest way to get to Playa de Coco is to rent a car or to contact a private transfer from the international airport or hotel in San José. The journey takes approximately 4 hours and the distance from the capital city amounts to 244 km.

If you prefer public transport you may choose the company Pulmita de Liberia which operates this route on a regular basis. There is a bus stop close to the international airport Juan Santamaria in San José. The bus terminal in Playa de Coco is located in the driveway before entering the bar/hotel/restaurant zone of the town.

Underseaventures will be pleased to organize your comfortable and carefree private transfer. Please contact us for more information.

Booking enquiry Diving at Bat islands Costa Rica

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Bat Islands - Pacific



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