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The Bahamas, an archipelago of more than 700 Caribbean islands and 2,400 islets are an independent state located only 50 miles away from the southeast coast of Florida USA. The spoken language is English, the capital and main hub with a population of 250,000 inhabitants is Nassau on the island New Providence. Freeport is the second largest city and situated on the island of Grand Bahama, here the local dive schools have their starting point for the tiger shark dives in Tiger beach.

The Bahamas are an underwater paradise for divers and shark lovers. Regular visibility of 100 feet, wrecks such as Spanish galleons, underwater caves, blue holes and colorful coral reefs full of rich marine life make this destination a MUST for every diver.

Diving liveaboards as well offer diving round trips to various reef systems and island archipelagos as well as specialized shark diving weeks.


Influenced by trade winds, the Bahamas islands offer a cooler climate than other parts of the Caribbean and Central American Atlantic. The constant breeze contributes additionaly to pleasant climatic conditions, especially during the evenings it may be fresh and it is a good idea to bring some warmer clothes, for example a sweater.

Air temperatures in the summer vary from 80 to 90° F/27-32° C and in winter from 70 to 80° F/21 to 27° C.

Water temperatures vary between 70 to 83° F/22 to 28° C with the coldest months during January and February and the warmest ranging from July to September. The waters of the North Bahamas tend to be a bit colder, fluctuations are also affected by the weather, which can heat or cool the shallow water between the cays quite quickly within days.

The rainy season lasts from June to November with the rainiest months in June and October. The rainfalls, however, are usually of short duration and the sun is a constant companion. The Bahamas islands are famous for the numerous sunny days, it can be close to 310 days per year!

The feared Caribbean hurricans generally do not affect the Bahamas islands, usually they pass by on the north and west side towards the US.

The Bahamas is a year-round travel destination, neverthless the most visited season is during our European and North American winter months, not because this is the better period but rather because people want to escape the cold winters in the northern hemisphere.

The Bahamas islands a dream holiday and diving destination in the Caribbean

Those looking for interesting deals at good prices and rather fewer people on the beaches are well served during the summer months.

Caution while Spring Break, from March to mid-April when the US students swarm to the Caribbean for  celebrating. Early booking is definitely recommended.


The Bahamas offer the third largest barrier reef in the world and countless cays and islands, as well as wrecks, galleons and Blue Holes. Visibilities up to 200 feet guarantee world first class diving for all scuba diver levels. The sea and diving conditions are not very demanding and the Bahamas are also suitable for beginner divers.

The underwater world offers a wide range and amazing diversity of fish species such as groupers, large stingrays, jackfish, trevally, tuna, barracuda etc and the typical rich Caribbean hard corals, gorgonians and many types of sponges.

Underseaventures make no secret of our passion for sharks. Our Bahamas diving listings heavily tend to shark diving and shark feeding tours. Sharks need Lobby to be protected, whats a better Lobby than divers experience the beauty of this kings of the sea in closest contact!

The Bahamas are an absolute Shark high light, thanks to the protection by the Bahamenian government. The islands are probably the best scuba diving area in the world for some specific shark species. What gives a special touch to the shark diving experience are some of the closest interactions possible on this planets oceans.

Scuba diving with Tigerharks and Shark feeding Bahamas

Some of the top shark diving areas in the islands of the Bahamas are the tiger shark feeding dives in Tiger Beach on the west side of Grand Bahama, great hammerhead sharks around Bimini, lemon sharks and last but not least the oceanic whitetip sharks in the Cat islands. Even with Caribbean reef sharks we offer action-packed dives, either from the resort or on liveaboards to the Exumas.

If you want to dive with specific species of sharks in the Bahamas, then you'll have to adjust to the appropriate seasons:


  • Big hammerhead sharks in Bimini: November to April
  • Oceanic Whitetips sharks by the Cat islands: April to June
  • Tiger Sharks around Tiger Beach: whole year


Dolphin tours are another highlight in the Bahamas and part of the excursion programm of operators like Jim Abernethy from Scubadventures.


More special underwater highlists are massive migrations of Caribbean spiny lobster in the flat benches around Bimini, Abaco, Eleuthera and Andros. These movements are probably triggered by the falling water temperatures in november. A very special diving attraction are the spawning groupers from late January to early February which take place in the seas of the outer islands Berry island, Cat islands, Long islands and Andros.

You can find more detailed information on Bahamas liveaboard trips on our dive boat expeditions section where both, Bahamas reef diving trips as well as specialized only shark diving tours are offered.

For beach and resort diving, please consult the section Diving Resort Bahamas. There you will find interesting offers for reef diving, as well as specialized shark diving.


The easiest and fastest way to get to the Bahamas island is to travel by plane. The two main airports are Grand Bahama International Airport in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island and the Lynden Pindling Airport in Nassau which provides the best flight and ferry connections to other Bahama islands.

The largest number of flights to these airports leave from Miami and Fort Lauderdale in the US federal state of Florida, both offer several daily flights to Freeport and Nassau.

Travelers to the Bahamas outer islands Bimini, Eleuthera, Abaco and Exuma can fly from Florida and get there in just one hour.

There are also flights leaving from other US Cities as Philadelphia, Newmark, Atlanta, Charlotte and Orlando.

Outside the US the best flight connections go via London (England) and Toronto (Canada), 5 times a week respectively 1 time weekly flight frequency to Nassau.

For our German guests flights leave from Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin, for the Swiss from Zurich and the Austrians from Vienna. Regarding the prices the best transit airports to fly to are Forth Lauderdale and Miami.

Airlines flying to Bahamas:

British Airways (via London), American EagleUS AirwaysBahamas AirSilver AirwaysDeltaJet Blue Airlines (Boston and New York), Spirit Air (Fort Lauderdale), West Jet and Air Canada from Toronto

All information is subject to change without prior notice.

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Bahamas - Caribbean



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